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Matteman automation

Ap Matteman Creating really smart things.

Really smart things are making decisions based on multiple factors.
A light can turn on and off based on movement, nothing special and you can buy it almost everywhere at this moment. Why turn the light on and off and not on with 50% power at nighttime for a hall light? After 23:00 the house is dark and the light does not turn on at full power when you walk true de hall, that's smart.

Smart things make life easy, you don't have to think about stupid things like turning off the lights, smart lights do it by themself.

Always thinking: how can it be smarter?

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Who is behind Matteman Automation

Ap Matteman

Behind Matteman Automation is Ap Matteman.
At daytime working as an Security Officer in the IT, designing server networks for customers, programming routers, responsible for the data security, implemented ISO27001 and NEN7510 at the company I work for (GKS ICT Solutions).
On Friday evening, the weekends and on holidays working as a PADI Scuba Instructor, running a diving school in The Netherlands (Happy Bubbles)

In my spare free time working on projects for Matteman-Automation